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Community Care

Rhenish Primary School strives to teach the importance of community involvement by organizing community care out-reach projects throughout the year. The following is a partial list of recent projects in which students have participated.

2013 Projects
Animal Welfare Society (
A variety of cat and dog food was collected and donated in September.

Kayamandi Tackie Drive
New tackies were donated in June by Rhenish families and delivered to pupils (many of whom had lost their tackies along with other belongings in the Kayamandi fire two months prior) at Ikaya Primary School in Kayamandi for netball practice and games. This project is on-going during Term 3.

The Early Education Centre (
In honour of Mandela Day (July 18), food items were collected from Rhenish students and donated to The Early Education Centre (TEEC) in Cloetesville. TEEC is a non-profit organisation that provides early childhood development programs and services in disadvantaged communities.
In the words of Nelson Mandela (1993), “True character of a society is revealed in how it treats its children.”

Assistance after Kayamandi Fire
An impromptu collection of donations was held in early April for residents of Kayamandi who were affected by a recent fire that destroyed over 1000 homes and left 4.5 thousand people homeless. Donations included clothing for men, women and children of all ages, blankets, toys, kitchen utensils, and food. The collection was received and distributed by the Fire Department to those in need.

Stellenbosch Hospice (
In February, students collected and delivered non-perishable food items to the Stellenbosch Hospice. The Stellenbosch Hospice assists approximately 1000 patients per month, and the food collected was divided into food parcels to help those in need during their illnesses.

From Bread Tags to Wheelchairs
Throughout the year students and their families collect bread tags to donate to a non-profit charity that uses the tags to raise money to buy wheelchairs and walkers for adults and children in need. So far Rhenish has helped to buy4 wheelchairs with their  donations of bread tags. This project is on-going every year.

Ongoing and Past Projects
Animal Welfare Society (
Food, toys, treats, collars, leashes and old towels were donated to the AWS in Stellenbosch.

Guide Dog for the Blind
Money is collected at the yearly Carols Assembly to purchase a guide dog for someone in need.

Soup Kitchen
Food was collected for a school's Soup Kitchen that provides meals to children in need.

Community Tea
Hospice patients and elderly residents are invited to tea and entertained by the music pupils in the fourth term.