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Ethos and values

We require our children to maintain high standards of behaviour. Courtesy, tolerance, and personal integrity are esteemed qualities.

We assist each child in realising their academic potential and foster the development of those interests and skills which contribute to a fuller enjoyment of life.

We encourage our children to give of their best, whether it be in academics, an appreciation of music, honour on the sports field, artistic endeavour, or coping with the trials and tribulations of growing up. Perseverance is highly respected. Responsibility is nurtured. Success for each individual is prized.

Our dedicated, academic staff consists of talented, caring teachers who embolden their students and are role models of integrity, kindness and fairness.

Working together
Having a holistic interest in a child’s education requires close contact with parents or caregivers. We encourage parents/caregivers to be fully informed and involved in the education of their children.

Community Care Projects
We strive to make the children aware of the various needs in the community by undertaking various community care projects throughout the year.