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School Governing Body


The Rhenish Primary School’s Governing Body consists of eight elected members and the Headmaster, all of whom must be South African citizens. There are five parent representatives elected by the parents, two educators elected by the teaching staff and one non-educator elected by the non-teaching staff. They serve the school for a three year term of office before a new committee will be elected.

Members for 2017

Chair: Mrs Luzanne Brink
Vice-Chair: Mrs Catherine Michell

Treasurer: Mr Sean Farrell (co-opted member)
Principal: Mr Gary Skeeles
Secretary: Ms Adrienne Whitley (Non-educator)

Additional members:

Mr Sam Kelbrick (Parent)

Mrs Janet Chapman (Educator)

Mr Andrè Lombard (Educator)

Mrs Noor Docrat (Parent)

Dr Clive Pettipher (Parent)


The Governing Body is responsible for:

  •     The hours of attendance at school
  •     The school uniform
  •     The school prospectus
  •     Obtaining Departmental approval for naming any school property
  •     The collection and disbursement of school funds
  •     Staff appointments

If a parent wishes the Governing Body to discuss a particular issue, he or she should send an email to

The Principal is responsible for:

  •     The planning and allocation of work (curricular and co-curricular) to the staff
  •     The internal organisation and discipline of the school
  •     The evaluation of staff
  •     Control over and supervision of teaching
  •     The evaluation of learners (tests, examinations, promotion)