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Arts & Culture

Arts & Culture includes the visual arts, music and cultural exploration and forms an important part of Outcomes Based Education for a balanced, holistic educational experience. It is designed to allow for individual freedom of expression of cultural practices. In so doing, each child learns respect and pride for one’s own culture while being exposed to and developing an appreciation for the diverse cultural practices of others.

The organising principles of Arts & Culture have been loosely arranged as follows:

  • Foundation Phase (Grades Pre-R to 3):  fantasy and play, ideas, feelings and moods, imagination in the learner’s immediate environment. Art lessons are taught by the class teachers.
  • Intermediate Phase (Grades 4, 5 & 6):  physical, natural, social and cultural environments. Art lessons are taught by a specialist art teacher.
  • Senior Phase (Grade 7):  national, African and global environment. Art classes are taught by a teacher from the P.J. Olivier Art Centre.

If a child expresses further interest in art, there is a Junior and a Senior extra-mural Art Club that learners can attend after school for a small fee.

Music teachers are responsible for the dance, drama and music disciplines of the Arts & Culture curriculum. Individual and group instruction is offered for a fee.