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Entrepreneurship (Grades Reception-7)
Market Days are fun and exciting for young entrepreneurs and consumers alike. Starting in the Reception year, students are expected to make a product and sell it on their own at school during that grade’s Market Day. Requirements are progressively more challenging for each advancing grade. Fostering entrepreneurial skills is a great way to exercise creative freedoms, build self-esteem and prepare children for an entrepreneurial economy.

Stellenbosch WordArt Eisteddfod (Grades 1-7)
Students in Grades 1–7 have the opportunity to enter the Word Art Eisteddfod in the early part of each year. Teachers assist participants with the entering and preparation processes of the Eisteddfod as well as accompany the students to this event. The categories for entering are Poetry (Gr 1-7), Prose (Gr 4-7), Dramatized Prose (Gr 5-7), Monologue (Gr 6-7) and Duologue (Gr 6-7). Each participating school may enter only 5 learners per category in each age group. Therefore, preliminary auditions are usually held at the school to assist in deciding which category or categories best suit each learner wanting to participate. The Eisteddfod is a wonderful opportunity for learners to challenge themselves verbally, gain confidence and have fun with their peers.

Science Expos (Grades 4 and 6)
Each year the Grades 4 and 6 students hold a Science Expo. The Science Expo is a fun project that bridges the gap between knowledge and creativity by encouraging personal achievement and innovation through creative problem solving. The students display and explain their projects to their peers, the grades below them and parents who attend the exhibition. The 2013 theme was “structures”.

General Knowledge Challenge (Grades 4-7)
General Knowledge Quizzes begin in Grade 4 and culminate in a fun school-wide competitive game. The quizzes are designed to challenge the mind with broad concepts taken from history, geography, science, maths, literature & vocabulary. Students with the highest quiz scores are divided into three House Teams that compete in a ‘Trivial Pursuit’ type game.

Public Speaking Competition (Grade 5-7)
The Grades 5-7 Public Speaking Competitions (Grade 5 in English; Grades 6 & 7 in English and Afrikaans) develop skills necessary for speaking in front of an audience as well as refine second language skills. The competition is divided into three rounds: 1) class orals, 2) cross-evaluation, 3) public speaking competition in school Hall (audience for round 3 consists of Grades 4-7 students, parents and staff). Speakers are evaluated on clarity of speech and language, presentation style, grasp of subject, and the ability to maintain attention and stimulate listeners. These competitions sharpen critical thinking and on-the-spot organisational skills, fine-tune verbal/nonverbal skills, and build self-confidence through personal achievement.

The winners of the 2014 Grade 7 English Public Speaking competition. (l-r) Saskia Sonnerer (2nd), Oliver Wakeford (1st) and Chiara De Franchi (3rd)

Outdoor Education (Grades 5-7)
Student in Grades 5, 6 and 7 are involved in the outdoor education programme geared to increase environmental awareness and strengthen social skills while enabling them to have fun outside a classroom setting. These excursions are an additional expense to the parents.
Grade 5 students visit the SOS Camp in Villiersdorp for a 3-day camp, following a well organised and carefully structured programme of activities focused on environmental conservation and teamwork.
Grade 6 students attend the Parmalat Environmental Centre in Kommetjie for a 3-day camp where the emphasis is on the study of coastal vegetation and marine ecology. Effective teamwork and identifying leadership potential forms part of this camp.
Grade 7 students attend a 4-day camp at Wortelgat near Stanford. Group activities are aimed at studying the flora and fauna of the area and problem solving through teamwork. Again, identifying leadership potential forms part of this camp.