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As reading is at the basis of all learning, it is of the utmost importance at Rhenish Primary, to cultivate and nurture a love of books from an early age. The bookshelves in our Library positively strain under the weight of a wide range of fabulous Fiction, Non-Fiction and Afrikaans books. All our books cater appropriately for both Junior and Senior Primary levels.

All our children from Grade 1 through to Grade 7 visit the Library for half an hour each week.
The focus varies for each grade:

Grade 1s: choose a book from a limited selection at first, before being taught how to select from the shelves. They are then entertained with a story read to them by the Librarian.

Grade 2s: choose from the Junior and Middle Fiction or Junior Non-Fiction shelves. They also enjoy a story-time on the mat.

Grade 3s: generally make similar selection as Grade 2s, but begin exploring the Senior Section with great curiosity.

Grades 4-7: as well as choosing books, Library skills are taught and re-enforced e.g. using the Dewey Classification System. The children give regular feedback to each other, in terms of book reviews, reports, character sketches, summarising plots, extracting key ideas/ words and generally developing reading skills. Grade 6 and 7 also focus on improving their general knowledge with a regular quiz.

In addition to books being available to children, there is also a Teacher Reference section in the Library. This is comprised of extension material in the form of additional textbooks, as well as a selection of teacher-related material pertaining to general classroom matters.

At second break each day the Library buzzes with children hunting out new books to read, looking for project material, doing homework, or simply relaxing in the magazine corner.

A small team of Library Monitors (from Grade 6 and 7) are trained to assist wherever possible: tidying shelves, stamping books, returning items to shelves, recommending books to eager readers, and generally learning the ropes of running a library.

The Library is open to all children on Tuesday, Wednesday and Thursday afternoons from 14:30 to 16:00. Children are encouraged to do their research or their homework in this appropriate venue of quietness and calm.

In his recent novel, “The Little Village School”, Gervase Phinn writes about the establishment of a library at a small school:

‘“It’s a splendid idea,” agreed Lady Wadsworth. “I am all in favour of children reading. “Books are the architecture of a civilised society, ”as my grandfather used to say, “and reading is the very protein of growth in learning.”’

What a fabulous idea – books as a structure designed to build a refined, cultured, polite and sophisticated society. Keep reading, girls, boys, moms and dads! It’s the very stuff of growth!