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Cultural Activities

Cultural activities stimulate the growing brain. These extra-curricular activities allow children the opportunity to not only satisfy their natural desire to be creative and imaginative, but to

  • Develop co-ordination and fine-motor skills
  • Improve critical-thinking and problem-solving skills
  • Gain confidence and strengthen self-esteem
  • Experience freedom of expression

Rhenish Primary School is fortunate to have a skilful and dedicated staff to provide a wide variety of cultural activities in which to participate. Please consult the Rhenish Primary Information Brochure for details and the extra-mural timetable for scheduled meeting times.

  • Scripture Union*
  • Chess (periodic interschool tournaments)
  • Art (periodic art exhibitions)
  • Drama
  • Music (periodic performances)

Junior and Senior Choirs
Marimba Band
Ensemble Bands
Music Concerts

*Scripture Union
Scripture Union maintains the vision set by our school's Rhenish missionary founders. This extension class is offered to all who wish to grow in God through learning the Word, group discussions and prayer. Two classes meet weekly (one for Grades 1-3 learns, the other for Grades 4-7 learners).