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Class reps

Class Rep Duties

Class Representatives play a useful part in facilitating communication between the school and parents for PTA projects and class specific matters. One parent per class volunteers for the position at the beginning of the year. It is a wonderful opportunity to get to know the parents and to help parents get involved. Responsibilities include:


  • Liaising with the parents in your class:  The Class Teachers will send out a form to all parents requesting them to provide their details for the Class Representatives to use. The completed forms will then come back to the Class Rep. Contact details will only be used for PTA business.  Please send information per letter if parents did not provide email addresses or cell phone numbers. All official correspondence with parents must have the Acting Principal’s signature on it.


  • Organising a small birthday celebration for the teacher:  Information regarding the organisation of the party as well as a  signed letter from Mr Pretorius that can be used when organising the party, will be handed out at the first PTA meeting of the school year. The class rep is not responsible for arranging a gift as the PTA will organise a gift voucher for the teacher.  

  • Encouraging a community spirit in our school: take note of special needs within a class e.g. in the past learners have lost parents and flowers/meals have been appreciated; welcoming new families to the class is another example.


  • Thank yous: Class reps to send “thank you” letters to teachers for special outings e.g. camps in Grade 5, 6, & 7.  Tremendous effort goes into arranging these camps.

  • Helping to organise functions:  From time to time the PTA will call on Class Reps to organise helpers from your class.  This is one of your most important functions. Early on in the year we will be organising a Day of Action, and we will need your support if it is to be a success.


  • World Teachers Appreciation Day: send out notice to parents to send small card/note on the 5th October.