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PTA Committee

The PTA Committee is a group of volunteers of parents/guardians of current Rhenish Primary learners and Rhenish Primary staff. Its purpose is to coordinate all the PTA's key responsibilities and projects. However, the extent and success of their implementation is directly proportionate to the support and input they receive from parents across the school. The more individual get involved, the more the PTA can achieve for the benefit of our children.

Chairperson: Lize Claassen

Vice Chairperson and Treasurer: Sam Ward

Secretary: Marlene Payne

Wish list: Chair and Vice Chair

Fun and Fundraising co-ordinator: Hayley Philp
• Family Fun Day -tbc
• Golf Day -tbc
• My School – Sam Ward
• Spur evening - tbc
• Senor Chef – Michelle Evert
• Raffle – Tatianna MacKinnon, Estelle Toop


Hospitality co-ordinator: Emma Gordge
• Flowers and Friday eats – Jenny Boyes
• Grade 5 Sports catering – Lizette Swanepoel


Communication co-ordinator: Louise Ehret
• Class Representatives – Linda Hemphill
• Found property – Lucille Lochner
• Guest speakers – Janet du Bois
• Staff Birthdays and gifts – Michelle Bergh Osborne
• Website – Louise Ehret