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School Uniform

Please note that learners change into winter uniform on 1 May, and back to summer uniform at the start of the fourth term each year.

Learners must wear the official school uniform, to and from school, according to the season. The prescribed uniform shall be worn during school hours and for any extra-mural activity for which the Principal deems it necessary.

School uniform and sports wear may not be mixed; each should be worn separately and in its entirety. When learners wear the school uniform, it must at all times be the full uniform and not "parts" of the uniform mixed with "play clothes". Learners are encouraged to take pride in their uniform and consequently we expect the uniforms to be clean and tidy.

Learners must arrive and leave school in their full school uniform. They may, however, leave school in either their formal school uniform or in their sports wear. No learner may leave the school grounds only in a costume or barefoot when wearing the formal school uniform.


  • De Jagers, corner of Crozier and Andringa Streets, Stellenbosch.
  • The Rhenish Shop, in the Archibald Pavilion at Rhenish Primary School

The Rhenish Shop is a new independently-owned shop on the school grounds that sells selected new uniform items, gently used uniforms, sports uniforms and other school related items. Parents are welcome to donate their clean, used items to the shop for resale or have the shop sell the items for them for reimbursement. Please drop by The Rhenish Shop to find out more and see all stock.

Please see the Information Brochure for details on the school and sports uniforms.