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Our friendly tuck shop


The tuck shop was recently given a make-over. Not only is it looking fresh and colourful, but we have also removed products containing ingredients that are known to be harmful. There is still a variety of tasty food on sale, but you can rest assured knowing that your child is getting healthier alternatives to what is normally sold in school tuck shops. A doctor who specialises in children’s nutrition has partnered with us in selecting the stock list, and has also spoken to our learners and teachers to explain the benefits of healthier food choices.

Why are we educating our learners, teachers and parents about healthier eating habits?

- To give our children sustained energy throughout the school day.

- To assist our children with improved concentration and behaviour in the classroom.

- To help our children to achieve optimally, both academically and on the sports fields.

- For our children to benefit from decreased absenteeism due to improved general health.

Here’s to healthier, happier learners!

Any comments or questions about the tuck shop can be sent to